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What's new in Smart CD Catalog Pro 3.0

Added automatic hiding of the tree in the disk contents pane for Audio CD.
Added a numbering column for audio tracks. This required resetting column settings in the files list.
Deleted Description field from file properties.
Field Disk # renamed to Disk ID.
Field Case renamed to Disk #.
Other minor fixes in naming interface elements.
Fixed the issue with opening files and folders in the Explorer for items with Alias.
Deleted Auto Arrange item from the file sorting menu.
Added Category, Location and Loan sorting items to the results menu in the search window.
Removed option to disable disk removal warning; the warning now pops always.
Fade-out effect on closing windows is now disabled by default.
Changed pane moving method in the main window, which caused program hangup. This required resetting toolbar and pane positions.
Added hint on opening a closed pane.

Disk scanning:

Added notification on no connection to CDDB server.
Added instructions on setting up Windows Firewall.
Added notification on failure to find disk in CDDB database.
Countdown timer when connecting to CDDB server now appears with one-second delay.
Fixed absence of response when attempting to close the scanning window while the error window is being displayed.
Increased height for the similar disks list.
Added similar-CD finder algorithm.
Fixed name trimming for some tracks.
Fixed completion of track’s Description field, which remained empty on no connection to CDDB server.

Data export / report creation:

Changed data source selection method.
Changed default position for items on report column settings lists and sorting lists.
Added second-level sorting for disks.
Added hint to Type item in file list sorting.
Removed Path (variant 1) item from file list sorting.
HTML reports are now saved in UTF-8.
"REPORT" no longer appears at report title on empty Report title field.
Decreased font size and position of the "Created by" label.

Column settings:

Added column width field.
Changed default column position for the disks list in the main window and the results list in the search window.
Fixed the issue of saving invalid column positions.



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